What Does Your Classic Car Need?

Offering a wide range of services on a wider range of classic cars.

General maintenance, servicing, tuning, recommissioning, rebuilds, electrical work, diagnostics, repairs, modifications, fabrication, light bodywork and trim work. Along with anything else you can think of.


What most people think of when it comes to a garage and repairs. Replacing parts or fixing what you have. From something as small as a suspension bush all the way to full engine, gearbox and differential rebuilds.

Mobile Call Outs

Sometimes, you'll have a job that leaves you in a pinch. No need to pay for transport if you can call us out to meet you. Classic car motoring should always be a good experience.


It's always good to have a clear idea of what you're driving about in. Getting an inspection done means you know what you have and know what to look out for. As MOT's don't cover many areas surrounding classics.

Fabrication & Modification

Rust appearing, have an idea or want to make some changes to your classic car?

We will work with you to make sure you get exactly what you want or need.

General Maintenance

The most important thing for any vehicle is the maintenance. Regular oil changes, valve adjustments and making sure the tune is correct will save on any vehicle and your wallet in the long run.


No need to go to an auto electrician. We also do electrical work! That way we can work on your car start to finish. No moving it from one place to another.